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Why you should bite that silver bullet

The more I read about human psychology, the more I realize we are more automatic and instinctual than we care to admit. Yet, we like to believe that we are much more intellectually evolved than our fellow species. We have a dangerous level of overconfidence in our own abilities to be rational. You may be …

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Waterfall = T; Agile = Q

​Ever heard of the iron triangle​ ​or the Fast-Cheap-Good triangle? If so, you’re probably a project manager. It’s ok, so am I . For the remaining masses who have decided that a job that is analogous to cat herding is not for them, I’ll explain. The iron triangle is intended to express immutable laws of …

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Is your organization “Broken Working”?

I was in a networking meeting the other week when I heard one of the more accurate and hysterically funny descriptions of the corporate world.  It’s still making me laugh out loud at inopportune moments. First, a bit about the startup entrepreneur who came up with the gem.  Kenan Unal is the founder of 2 …

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Case Study | Worldwide Networking Company

Size 73,000 Employees $10 Billion in annual revenue Organizational Needs The World Wide Sales Support division of the client required assistance with the delivery and execution of its sales training design programs.  These programs had major issues with: Lack of consistent business analysis process. Organization and control of projects. Solution Unison created Business Analysis templates …

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Case Study | Retail Liquor Distribution Organization

Size 3,500 Employees $877.3 Million in annual revenue Organizational Needs The client operated in a project environment that utilized contracted Project Managers from several different firms.  As a result, technology projects lacked consistent processes and outcomes.  The client required an easy to follow set of procedures and templates to guide their Project Managers. Solution Unison …

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