Who We Are

Unison: Startup Consulting is a Lean Startup coaching consultancy focused on increasing the odds of success for technology startups by applying rigor to the Customer Discovery and Product Development phases of the startup process.  Our team understands the sacrifice and risk involved in starting an organization that is disruptive, innovative and ground-breaking.  It’s a frequently scary and lonely place that can provide exhilarating highs.  Fortunately, Unison: Startup Consulting is here to help you survive the roller coaster ride.  Our founder has started and concluded ventures including a tech incubator and a web application development consultancy.  It is this grounding in overcoming challenge that allows us to help you succeed.  We commit to our startups and own your success or failure through the startup process as if it was our own by creating a direct link between our compensation and the value we deliver.  Our partnership with you is truly “in Unison”.

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What We Do

The Startup Genome Project estimates that 74% of tech startups fail due to premature scaling.  The most common failure reason, by far.

Unison: Startup Consulting applies a Lean and Agile approach to the startup process to ensure you scale at the right time and no sooner: after Product-Market Fit.  It’s an elusive destination where you are certain that you have the right solution to a problem worth solving according to your customers.  Proving Product-Market Fit will get you to a place where all of your do-or-die assumptions about your customers have been tested.  By doing so, you will reduced the uncertainty in your business model as much as possible.  Proof of Product-Market Fit is what every investor is looking for in a startup, not how many other times you’ve failed or who’s on your advisory board.  None of that matters if a startup can prove it is ready to scale (think: the start of the blade on the hockey-stick graph).  The only way to do that is to prove you have developed a product that your customers want and demand.  THAT is traction.  THAT is Product-Market Fit.

We can help get you there through our unique blend of Lean Startup methods and Decision Support Statistics.  Building functionality to address problems that aren’t worth solving or creating a solution that no one wants or needs is a death sentence we want to help you avoid.

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Who We Help

Technology Startups who are initiating or derailed from their startup journey.  With our expertise in Lean Startup, Agile Project Management and Decision Support Statistical methods, we are uniquely positioned to either get your concept started down a measurable path to success or to evaluate where your concept is within the startup process and take the most effective corrective action.  Our approach is specifically designed to examine your key customer assumptions for Problem-Solution and Product-Market fit success and test them with rigor.  This puts you on a path to a deep understanding of your customers and to building only what they want and need.  It keeps you from wasting what you can least afford to waste: time and money.

If you find yourself frustrated and in a death march to the end of your runway, please contact us.  We can help put you back on the path to progress and the eventual “lift off” your startup deserves.