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Igniting Innovation in the Enterprise

What is it that sparks innovation? How’s that for a “meaning of life” type, unanswerable question? I’m going to attempt to answer in the context of a large enterprise but I first want to examine what sparks innovation in the startup space. That’s something I’ve had the privilege to witness first hand over the past …

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Is your organization “Broken Working”?

I was in a networking meeting the other week when I heard one of the more accurate and hysterically funny descriptions of the corporate world.  It’s still making me laugh out loud at inopportune moments. First, a bit about the startup entrepreneur who came up with the gem.  Kenan Unal is the founder of 2 …

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When is a project too small for the formality & structure of project management?

By: Peter LePiane The struggle is age-old. The project manager is pre-programmed to establish clear goals, scope and deliverables for the project. The client typically just wants the deliverables delivered as soon as possible with minimal overhead and unnecessary formality. Especially if the project is small. After all, why introduce time and effort when it …

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Insight | The Fundamentals of IT Project Success

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Never truer than with this simple depiction of what *must* be in place to make a project succeed … Seven fundamentals of IT project success By Michael Krigsman | September 22, 2009, 3:38 AM PDT Many folks think large projects usually fail for technical reasons — software that …

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Insight | Human Factors To Project Success

This quote has resonated with Peter for some time.  It succinctly sums up what is most important to ensure project success. “Some key factors in the success of any implementation project have little to do with technology. It is important to have the right individuals and to have clear processes in place for decision making …

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