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Resources | Defining Then Delivering Project Success

How to define what success looks like?  That is always the key question when starting a project.  We all *think* we know what the definition is and we all believe that the rest of the project participants and stakeholders share the same definition.  This brief slide presentation will help create a shared, clear definition of …

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Resources | Start of Project Checklist

Before the project even gets started, there are some critical things that *must* be understood and established.  The following checklist covers the most important items … Start of Project Checklist The beginning of a project is a busy and exciting time. It is easy to overlook details that may have a major effect on the …

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Templates | Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda

The project kick-off meeting is critical to set the stage for the project so that all stakeholders understand what is expected of them.  This meeting agenda covers all of the important items … Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda

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