Case Study | Retail Liquor Distribution Organization


3,500 Employees

$877.3 Million in annual revenue

Organizational Needs

The client operated in a project environment that utilized contracted Project Managers from several different firms.  As a result, technology projects lacked consistent processes and outcomes.  The client required an easy to follow set of procedures and templates to guide their Project Managers.


Unison created a virtual Project Management Office that included an intranet and end-to-end project deliverable templates including a Business Case, Project Charter, Risk Log and Project Closure Memo.  The intranet contained step-by-step instructions for the Project Manager to follow to effectively use each required template.  Each project deliverable template contained detailed instructions to direct the Project Manager to produce consistent project documentation.


  • Increased consistency of project documentation.
  • Increased efficiency for Project Managers.
  • Greater consistency of project results.
  • Increased ability to track project progress and execution across projects.